Xiaomi Surpasses 20,000 Deliveries, Aims for 100K More Soon

Xiaomi surpasses 20,000 deliveries of its SU7 model and sets sights on achieving an additional 100,000 deliveries in the next six months. Despite facing production challenges at its new Beijing factory, Xiaomi managed to deliver 20,000 SU7s within 77 days of the launch date, averaging 260 cars each day. This number includes around 5,000 SU7s of the Founders Edition assembled before the official launch.


Xiaomi launched the SU7 sedan in March and already exceeded 20,000 deliveries by June, with plans to reach 120,000 units by 2024. The model comes in three versions: Standard, Pro, and Max, with prices starting at $29,700, $33,900, and $41,300, respectively. The top-tier Max version boasts an 800 km range and 495 kW power, prompting great interest in China. Post-launch, the SU7 garnered 50,000 pre-orders in just 27 minutes.

Why does it matter?

While the SU7 has been highly popular, it has faced challenges in production capacity. The demand was so high that customers were forced to wait up to 35 weeks for delivery. Concerns over declining sales prompted Xiaomi to address the issue by increasing production capacity through double-shift production and hiring more workers at its Beijing plant.

How is it going to shape the future?

Despite the hurdles faced, Xiaomi remains committed to meeting customer demand and achieving its delivery goals. By ramping up production and addressing capacity constraints, Xiaomi aims to fulfill its yearly delivery targets and ensure a smoother customer experience. With its strategic moves in place, Xiaomi plans to set a new benchmark in the electric vehicle market and solidify its position as a major player in the automotive industry.