Tesla’s Hiring Spree: Model 3 Prices Drop Below $35k


Tesla, the electric car giant, has initiated a hiring spree across the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, filling hundreds of roles spanning various business areas such as vehicle manufacturing, design, charging, energy storage, and AI. Despite recent layoffs and reported reorganization, Tesla is now focusing on recruitment, with job listings resurfacing on their careers page. The company is also expanding its supercharger locations, with 27 new high-powered chargers set to come online soon. Additionally, Tesla is upgrading existing sites with newer V4 supercharger hardware, enhancing the charging experience for all electric vehicles. Furthermore, the company is gearing up to unveil the Cybercab robotaxi, a low-cost transportation option aimed at making electric vehicles more accessible.

Why does it matter?

The resurgence in Tesla’s hiring activity indicates a shift in focus towards innovation and expansion, particularly with the upcoming Cybercab robotaxi launch. These developments not only demonstrate Tesla’s commitment to growth but also highlight its efforts to make electric vehicles more mainstream. The expanding supercharger network and advancements in charging technology further support the infrastructure needed for widespread EV adoption. Moreover, the drop in used Tesla Model 3 prices below $35,000 signifies a trend towards more affordable electric vehicles, potentially opening up the market to a broader range of consumers. With Tesla’s continuous efforts to lower prices and introduce new models, the landscape of electric vehicle ownership is evolving rapidly, creating opportunities for more drivers to make the switch to sustainable transportation.

How is it going to shape the future?

As Tesla ramps up its hiring efforts and prepares to launch the Cybercab robotaxi, the future of electric vehicles appears promising. The company’s investments in technology, infrastructure, and talent signal a strategic push towards innovation and accessibility in the EV market. The expansion of supercharger locations and the introduction of more affordable Tesla models are steps towards making electric transportation more convenient and cost-effective for consumers worldwide. With the anticipated unveiling of the Cybercab robotaxi and ongoing advancements in EV technology, Tesla is not only shaping the future of transportation but also leading the way towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly automotive industry.