Porsche Teams Up with ChargePoint for Expanded Charging Network


Porsche Cars North America has announced a new partnership with ChargePoint to enhance the charging experience for drivers of its electric vehicles (EVs) in the US. This collaboration will allow Porsche customers access to ChargePoint’s extensive network, increasing the number of available chargers to over 86,000 across the country. The My Porsche app will facilitate locating, using, and paying for charging services, making the process seamless for EV owners.

Why does it matter?

The strategic alliance between Porsche and ChargePoint comes at a crucial time as Porsche prepares to launch new electric models, such as the Taycan and the Macan Electric, later this year. By expanding the charging infrastructure, Porsche aims to provide greater convenience and accessibility to its EV customers, addressing one of the key concerns associated with electric vehicle ownership – the availability of charging stations.

Porsche’s integration with both ChargePoint and Electrify America ensures a wide network of charging options for customers, enabling them to charge at various locations using the My Porsche app. The initiative aims to enhance the overall EV ownership experience and encourage more drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles, driving the growth of sustainable mobility in the US.

How is it going to shape the future?

With plans to introduce the North American Charging Standard (NACS) port and explore adapter solutions for accessing the Tesla Supercharger network, Porsche is demonstrating its commitment to advancing EV technology and infrastructure. The upcoming addition of more charging stations in the US by Q4 2024 further signifies the brand’s dedication to expanding its electric vehicle ecosystem and supporting the transition to sustainable transportation.

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity and adoption increases, partnerships like the one between Porsche and ChargePoint play a vital role in establishing a robust charging network that meets the needs of EV drivers. By investing in charging infrastructure and fostering collaborations within the industry, Porsche is not only enhancing the EV ownership experience but also contributing to the growth of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation ecosystem for the future.