Volvo Penta and MOL Introduce 4WD Electric RoRo Trucks


Volvo Penta and MOL have joined forces to unveil a groundbreaking 4×4 electric RoRo truck at the Port of Ghent. This innovative vehicle, designed for roll-on, roll-off operations, features a unique 4WD powertrain suitable for handling heavy payloads and challenging weather conditions in busy shipping terminals and logistics hubs.

Why does it matter?

The collaboration between Volvo Penta and MOL has resulted in the creation of a full electric 4×4 RME225 terminal tractor equipped with advanced technology to meet the demanding requirements of heavy-duty port equipment. With a fully electric Volvo Penta driveline, three battery packs providing 270 kWh of energy, and a 4WD system for enhanced traction, this RoRo truck showcases the future of emission-free vehicles in port operations. Moreover, the vehicle benefits from Volvo’s charging technology, offering compatibility with both L2 and DC fast charging stations, ensuring fleet managers can streamline their infrastructure needs for increased efficiency and lower costs.

How is it going to shape the future?

The introduction of electrified terminal tractors like the Volvo Penta 4×4 RoRo marks a significant advancement in sustainable port operations. As more companies embrace electrification in the transportation sector, we can expect to see improved working conditions and reduced environmental impact in and around busy ports worldwide. The competition between manufacturers like Volvo and industry veterans such as Orange EV will drive innovation and lead to the development of more efficient and eco-friendly solutions for handling heavy-duty cargo. Volvo’s entry into the RoRo market signals a positive shift towards cleaner, high-performance vehicles that prioritize both functionality and sustainability in maritime logistics.

In conclusion, Volvo Penta and MOL’s collaboration on the 4WD electric RoRo truck not only demonstrates the potential of electrification in port operations but also sets a new standard for efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility in the transportation industry. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the electrification of heavy-duty vehicles in the near future.