Mercury Marine’s Electric Avator Motors: Quiet Waters Ahead

Mercury Marine ventures into the realm of electric motors with its new Avator lineup, offering a smooth and serene ride for small boats. The Avator range includes five models, starting with the 7.5e, designed for small vessels with an all-in-one system of motor, battery pack, and electronics. The lineup expanded to include the 20e and 35e, powered by nickel manganese cobalt cells, and later grew with the more powerful 75e and 110e models featuring LiFePO4 battery chemistry.


Mercury’s Avator electric motors aim to provide a quieter and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional combustion engines, catering to activities like fishing, short trips, and leisurely cruises. The motors offer modest power output, with the top-tier 110e model producing 15 hp, suitable for small boats and casual cruising. The compact design and integrated charger make recharging convenient at docks or marinas, although battery capacity and charging speeds are areas for improvement.

Why does it matter?

The Avator lineup signifies Mercury Marine’s foray into electric propulsion technology, marking a shift towards sustainable marine mobility solutions. While the current models may not rival the power and range of combustion engines, they excel in providing a quiet, smooth, and vibration-free boating experience. With a focus on enhancing the electric propulsion system and addressing customer needs, Mercury is poised to make strides in the evolving market of electric marine motors.

How is it going to shape the future?

As Mercury continues to innovate and refine its Avator lineup, advancements in power, range, and charging efficiency are expected to enhance the overall boating experience. The company’s commitment to electric propulsion technology signals a shift towards cleaner and quieter marine solutions, setting the stage for future developments in eco-friendly boating. With ongoing research and development, Mercury aims to expand its electric motor offerings, catering to a growing demand for sustainable marine technologies in the industry.

In conclusion, Mercury’s Avator electric motors present a promising start in the realm of all-electric marine propulsion, offering a glimpse into a future of quieter and more sustainable boating experiences. While there is room for improvement, the Avator lineup signifies Mercury’s dedication to exploring and enhancing electric propulsion technology in the marine industry.