Archer Aviation Receives FAA Certification for Air Taxi Launch

Archer Aviation has hit a major milestone by receiving FAA certification to embark on commercial air taxi operations. This achievement positions the company as one of the select few globally to secure Part 135 certification from the FAA, allowing them to kickstart their commercial flights.


Archer Aviation, a prominent eVTOL developer based in Santa Clara, California, has been making waves in the world of advanced air mobility. They recently obtained a Special Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA for their flagship Midnight eVTOL aircraft, signaling compliance with rigorous safety standards and paving the way for flight tests. With support from industry giants like United Airlines, Stellantis, and the US Air Force, Archer has been expanding its operations internationally, with plans to introduce eVTOL air taxi services in regions such as the United Arab Emirates, India, and South Korea.

Why does it matter?

Receiving the Part 135 Air Carrier & Operator Certificate from the FAA is a significant achievement for Archer Air, the company’s airline subsidiary. This certification authorizes Archer Air to commence commercial aircraft operations, demonstrating their commitment to safety and operational excellence. While the Midnight eVTOL is not yet certified for commercial use, Archer is actively working towards obtaining Type certification for this innovative air taxi aircraft. This crucial step allows Archer to focus on refining its operational systems and procedures before launching the Midnight air taxis for services with United Airlines and other partners.

How is it going to shape the future?

Archer’s progress towards commercial eVTOL air taxi operations signifies a promising future for sustainable air mobility. The company’s dedication to safety and excellence, as highlighted by CEO Adam Goldstein, sets the stage for the introduction of electric air taxi services that offer safe, eco-friendly, and low-noise transportation solutions. While specific timelines for the Midnight’s Type certification remain undisclosed, the attainment of Part 135 and Part 134 certifications marks a significant leap forward for Archer Aviation in establishing itself as a key player in the electric air taxi industry.

In conclusion, Archer Aviation’s recent FAA certification marks a significant milestone towards revolutionizing the future of air transportation, emphasizing safety, sustainability, and innovation in the realm of advanced air mobility.