Leapmotor Breaks Records with 18,165 Car Deliveries

Leapmotor, the Chinese electric vehicle company, made headlines by delivering a whopping 18,165 vehicles in May, marking a significant achievement for the company. The deliveries were primarily driven by the success of Leapmotor’s two SUV models, the C11 and C10, which accounted for 66 percent of the total deliveries for the month.


In May, Leapmotor experienced a substantial year-on-year growth of 50.65%, delivering 18,165 vehicles, which is close to its all-time high at the end of the previous year. The two SUV models, the C11 and C10, were the main contributors, delivering 11,992 units in May alone. Since its inception, Leapmotor has delivered a total of 372,404 vehicles, with a significant portion of deliveries occurring in the January-May period, totaling 66,580 vehicles.

Why does it matter?

Leapmotor’s success in vehicle deliveries signifies its growing presence and popularity in the electric vehicle market. The company’s strategic expansion into offering a range of models, including the mini EV T03 and flagship sedan C01, showcases its commitment to catering to a diverse consumer base. Furthermore, the upcoming launch of the new SUV model, the C16, priced competitively at under 200,000 yuan, demonstrates Leapmotor’s efforts to make electric vehicles more accessible to a wider audience.

How is it going to shape the future?

Leapmotor’s partnership with Stellantis, with plans for the joint venture Leapmotor International to start selling vehicles in Europe, marks a significant step towards global expansion. The investment from Stellantis further solidifies Leapmotor’s position in the market and opens up opportunities for future growth and innovation. As Leapmotor continues to innovate and introduce new models, such as the small EV set to be produced at the Stellantis plant in Poland, the company is poised to make a lasting impact on the electric vehicle industry.

In conclusion, Leapmotor’s record-breaking car deliveries in May underscore its rapid growth and success in the competitive electric vehicle market. With strategic partnerships, new models in the pipeline, and a commitment to innovation, Leapmotor is well-positioned to shape the future of electric mobility and drive further advancements in sustainable transportation.