Gogoro Launches Battery-Swapping Scooters in Colombia: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility


Gogoro, the Taiwanese company famous for its battery-swapping electric scooters, has expanded its innovative system to Colombia in partnership with local fuel company Terpel. The operation is starting in Bogotá under Terpel’s Voltex brand, marking Gogoro’s entry into the South American market. The rollout will feature Gogoro’s 2 Plus and Vivamix Smartscooters.

Why does it matter?

Gogoro’s battery-swapping technology, which allows for quick and convenient battery changes at public swapping stations, eliminates the need for traditional plug-in charging. This approach addresses key challenges in urban settings like Bogotá and supports sustainable transportation initiatives. The collaboration between Gogoro and Terpel aims to promote decarbonization efforts in Colombia and Latin America while enhancing the accessibility of electromobility solutions.

Gogoro’s proven track record, with millions of successful battery swaps and widespread adoption of its system, highlights the reliability and practicality of this urban transportation solution. The strategic placement of the initial battery swapping stations in Bogotá signifies a commitment to expanding and integrating this innovative technology into the local infrastructure with future plans for additional locations, such as Medellín.

How is it going to shape the future?

By introducing Gogoro’s electric scooters alongside Terpel’s service stations, the partnership not only provides consumers with an efficient and eco-friendly transportation option but also sets the stage for a broader shift towards sustainable mobility solutions in Colombia. As more battery swapping stations are established and Gogoro’s presence grows in the country, the convenience and reliability of this system are likely to drive increased adoption among individuals and industries seeking cleaner transportation alternatives.

The launch of Gogoro’s battery-swapping scooters in Colombia represents a significant step towards revolutionizing urban mobility in the region. With a focus on convenience, sustainability, and accessibility, this partnership between Gogoro and Terpel paves the way for a greener, more efficient transportation landscape in Colombian cities. As the network of battery swapping stations expands and more models utilizing Gogoro’s batteries become available, the impact on urban transportation and environmental conservation is poised to be substantial.