IM Motors Links with Nio’s Charging Network

IM Motors has recently partnered with Nio to access Nio’s extensive charging network, making it the second electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer to do so this month, following GAC Aion’s Hyper brand. The collaboration, which was announced on May 30, allows IM Motors users to leverage Nio’s charging infrastructure through their IM Motors App or the charging map on their car’s screen.


The partnership between Nio Power and IM Motors enables IM Motors users to locate, access, and utilize Nio’s charging stations in real time. By integrating Nio’s charging piles into their software, IM Motors offers its customers a seamless experience, including features like viewing locations, prices, statuses, and completion of operations such as scanning QR codes, charging, and payment.

Why does it matter?

Nio’s charging network, which boasts 3,863 charging stations with 22,551 charging piles in China as of May 30, is one of the largest in the country. Notably, Nio’s charging stations cater to all EV users, with over 80% serving non-Nio-branded EVs. This collaboration with IM Motors demonstrates the growing trend of local automakers tapping into established charging networks to enhance the overall EV user experience.

How is it going to shape the future?

As more companies like IM Motors, GAC Aion, SAIC, Geely Automobile Holdings, and others connect to Nio’s charging network, it paves the way for a more interconnected and efficient EV charging ecosystem in China. Nio’s emphasis on battery swap stations, in addition to traditional charging stalls, further solidifies its position as a key player in facilitating convenient charging solutions for EV owners.

In light of Nio’s expanding network and strategic partnerships, such as the recent agreement with China FAW Group for battery swaps, the EV charging landscape is evolving to offer diversified and accessible charging options for consumers. The collaboration between IM Motors and Nio not only enhances the accessibility and convenience of charging for IM Motors users but also signals a shift towards increased cooperation among EV manufacturers to bolster the infrastructure supporting electric mobility.

Through partnerships like this and ongoing developments in the EV industry, the future of electric vehicle charging in China is set to be more interconnected, user-friendly, and conducive to widespread EV adoption.