BYD Unveils Yangwang U7 Wagon with DiSus-Z Tech


A recent BYD mule prototype has been spotted utilizing the body of the Denza Z9 GT, leading to speculation that it is a test car for the wagon version of the Yangwang U7. The evidence for this claim includes the roof-mounted Lidar unit and the wheel design resembling that of the Yangwang U7.

Why does it matter?

The interior of the test car differs significantly from the Denza Z9 GT, featuring a portrait-oriented infotainment screen, similar to the Yangwang U8, and various details aligning with Yangwang models. Notably, the presence of Yangwang branding throughout the vehicle hints at its true identity.

The wagon version of the Yangwang U7 is expected to share similarities with the sedan model, boasting impressive performance figures such as a top speed of 270 km/h and a total output of 1306 horsepower from four electric motors. The use of the new DiSus-Z suspension system promises enhanced ride quality and energy efficiency, marking a shift towards an electric era in suspension technology.

How is it going to shape the future?

With the upcoming unveiling of the U8 and U9 models at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the introduction of the wagon variant indicates BYD’s ambition to penetrate the European market with its premium Yangwang brand. The modern design language of the wagon, expected to resemble a shooting brake style, aligns with the trends seen in vehicles like the Denza Z9 GT and Zeekr 001, hinting at BYD’s strategic positioning for the competitive market ahead.