Introducing Vessev: Electric Hydrofoil Boat Revolutionizes Tourism


Vessev, a new player in the maritime industry, has unveiled its electric hydrofoil boat, the VS—9, aimed at offering tourists a smooth and eco-friendly ride. Designed for commercial operations and tourism, this vessel “flies” above the water with state-of-the-art foiling technology, reducing energy consumption by up to 95%.

Why does it matter?

The VS—9 combines efficiency, range, and a smooth ride, thanks to its foiling technology and all-electric motor. Vessev’s partnership with NetZero Maritime signals a shift towards sustainable energy use in maritime transport. The company’s vision extends beyond the VS—9 to larger vessels like the upcoming 100-passenger VS—18, promising increased seakeeping capability and more opportunities for clean maritime travel.

How is it going to shape the future?

Vessev’s innovative electric hydrofoil technology not only enhances efficiency and range but also sets a new standard for environmentally friendly maritime transport. With plans to certify the VS—9 for commercial operations and expand to larger vessels, Vessev is at the forefront of revolutionizing clean and efficient sea travel. As the maritime industry embraces sustainable practices, Vessev’s electric hydrofoil boats could pave the way for a greener future in maritime transportation.