Neta L SUV: 30,000+ Orders in 35 Days!


Neta Auto’s new model, the Neta L SUV, has received an overwhelming response with over 30,000 orders in just 35 days since its launch in April. The demand for the Neta L has led to delayed deliveries, as 95 percent of customers have opted for the high-end variant, creating production supply challenges for the company. Neta is set to launch the battery electric vehicle (BEV) variant of the Neta L in June, further adding to the anticipation surrounding this model.

Why does it matter?

The rapid success of the Neta L highlights the strong consumer interest in electric vehicles in the Chinese market. With a significant number of orders placed for the highest-priced variant, Neta has had to adjust its production and supply chain to meet the demand while facing delays in deliveries. The introduction of the Neta L BEV variant in the coming months is expected to further boost Neta’s presence in the competitive electric vehicle market.

How is it going to shape the future?

Neta’s strategic move to offer a range of EREV and BEV variants for the Neta L reflects the company’s commitment to meeting diverse consumer preferences and staying ahead in the EV industry. By showcasing innovative features such as a large battery capacity, fast charging capabilities, and partnerships with leading battery suppliers like CATL, Neta aims to solidify its position in the market. Despite challenges in production and delivery, Neta’s proactive measures, such as compensation for delayed orders and temporary adjustments in supply, demonstrate its dedication to customer satisfaction and growth in the evolving electric vehicle sector.