Electric Trials Bike Makes History at FIM Event


The Stark Varg electric motorcycle made history by winning at the FIM Trial GP Trial2 event in Japan, beating internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles for the first time. Sondre Haga rode an electric GasGas TXE to victory on the first day of the event, showcasing that electric bikes can now compete with traditional ICE machines.

Why does it matter?

This groundbreaking victory marks a significant milestone for electric motorsports, proving that electric vehicles have the capability to challenge and surpass their combustion engine counterparts. Previously, electric trial bikes were segregated into a separate class, but with the success of the GasGas TXE, they are now poised to enter and excel in mainstream competitions.

In an industry where skepticism towards electric vehicles has been prevalent, this triumph underscores the advancements made in electric motor technology and highlights the expanding potential of e-bikes in competitive settings. The performance of the GasGas TXE paves the way for a new era in which electric motorcycles can stand toe-to-toe with the best ICE machinery, reshaping the landscape of motorsports.

How is it going to shape the future?

With the barrier broken at the FIM Trial GP Trial2 event, the future holds exciting possibilities for electric vehicles in motorsports. The successful integration of electric bikes in mainstream competitions signals a shift towards greater acceptance and adoption of e-vehicles in the racing world. As electric motorcycles prove their mettle against ICE engines, we can expect to see more manufacturers investing in e-motor technology and pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation in the industry.

The resounding victory of the GasGas TXE not only challenges the status quo but also prompts a reevaluation of the potential and competitiveness of electric bikes. As electrification becomes more mainstream across various motorsport disciplines, it raises the intriguing question of where else we might see electric vehicles enter and excel in the future. The trailblazing success of the Stark Varg sets the stage for a new chapter in motorsports, one where electric motorcycles emerge as formidable contenders on the racing circuit.