Revolutionary 500kW Charging Trees: Gravity’s Tesla-Sized Network

New York startup, Gravity, is causing a stir in the EV charging industry with its innovative 500 kW “charging trees” designed to outgrow Tesla’s current network. These charging trees are a game-changer, offering fast and efficient charging solutions that can be deployed even in tight spaces like underground car parks.


Gravity, a startup based in New York, has introduced a new type of curb-side EV charger known as “charging trees” with a whopping 500 kW capacity. This ambitious startup aims to surpass Tesla’s network of over 25,000 charge points across the US by growing its own network even larger. The company made waves last year with the release of 500 kW chargers that are compact enough to be installed in multi-bay underground car parks, addressing the space constraints often faced in urban environments.

Why does it matter?

With seed funding from Google Ventures, Gravity has been able to roll out dozens of these high-speed chargers, including a state-of-the-art 24 by 500 kW facility called the “Gravity Charging Centre.” This facility boasts the fastest passenger car charging points in the US, featuring cables that hang from the roof to optimize space usage. Additionally, Gravity recently unveiled its latest innovation, the “Charging Trees,” offering 200 kW and 500 kW distributed access points for street-side charging. These trees come equipped with a unique hinged overhead mounting arm that lifts up when not in use, presenting an ideal solution for on-street applications.

Founder and CEO of Gravity, Moshe Cohen, emphasized the need for superior on-street charging solutions, stating, “EV drivers require and deserve so much better.” He envisions the company’s Charging Trees becoming a ubiquitous feature in American cities, potentially surpassing even Tesla’s Supercharger network in size. Notably, Gravity’s charging trees are bidirectional-ready, offering grid resiliency benefits and new revenue opportunities for cities.

How is it going to shape the future?

Gravity’s innovative approach to EV charging not only promises to revolutionize the charging experience for urban EV drivers but also paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient transportation ecosystem. By providing high-speed curb-side charging solutions and bidirectional capabilities, Gravity is poised to lead the charge towards a greener future with its Tesla-sized network of cutting-edge Charging Trees.

Daniel Bleakley, a clean technology researcher, underscores Gravity’s potential impact on the EV industry, highlighting the company’s commitment to advancing electric vehicles, renewable energy, and smart urban infrastructure. With Gravity’s Charging Trees on the horizon, the future of EV charging looks brighter and more accessible than ever before.