Kia’s Design Secrets Unveiled: From EV3 to EV9


Kia’s Design Secrets Unveiled: From EV3 to EV9 reveals the intricate process behind Kia’s cutting-edge car designs, led by Senior Vice President Karim Habib. The article delves into the evolution of Kia’s design language, particularly in their electric vehicles, such as the upcoming EV3 and EV9.

Why does it matter?

Karim Habib’s extensive experience in car design, previously with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, brings a fresh perspective to Kia’s design philosophy. Embracing electrification, Kia focuses on creating visually striking vehicles that stand out in a crowded market. Habib’s emphasis on brand recognition through a consistent design language sets Kia apart, aiming to attract discerning customers looking for eco-friendly and stylish options.

How is it going to shape the future?

The unveiling of the EV3 reflects Kia’s innovative approach to design, incorporating elements of the “Opposites United” design language. With a keen eye on sustainability, Kia opts for eco-friendly materials like mushroom leather in their EV interiors. Focusing on SUVs and performance-oriented vehicles, Kia’s future lineup, including the EV4 sedan, promises to continue the brand’s commitment to stylish, high-performance electric vehicles. As Kia pushes boundaries in design and electrification, their strategic focus on creating distinct and recognizable vehicles sets the stage for a successful future in the automotive industry.