GAC Aion Expands to Tajikistan & Nepal Markets


GAC’s Aion brand is stepping into the global market by exporting its models to Tajikistan and Nepal. The launch of the second generation Aion V at the Beijing Auto Show marked the brand’s official entry into the export arena. The brand has already begun exporting its existing models, with cars already making their way to Tajikistan and Nepal. Plans are in place to expand to 10 countries by the end of this year.

Why does it matter?

The recent ceremony between GAC Aion, Tajikistan ECO Taxi, and CJSC marked the establishment of the GAC Central Asia export base, with the delivery of 1,000 Aion Y cars being the first official export to Tajikistan. This move positions GAC Aion to establish a strong presence in Central Asia, with plans to set up production and marketing bases across different regions in the near future.

In addition to entering the Tajik market, GAC Aion has also set its sights on Nepal, where it has opened its first showroom in Kathmandu. The brand’s expansion into South-east Asia includes the construction of car production factories in Thailand and Indonesia, along with plans to establish a subsidiary in Thailand. GAC Aion’s commitment to developing and producing core electric vehicle components emphasizes its focus on sustainability and innovation.

How is it going to shape the future?

While the market entries in Tajikistan and Nepal may seem modest, they mark the beginning of a larger journey for GAC’s Aion brand. With plans to solidify its presence in various regions and introduce new models like the Aion V, the brand is poised for significant growth in the global market. As one of China’s successful domestic brands, GAC Aion’s strategic expansion into new territories sets the stage for future success in the competitive automotive industry.