Tesla Accelerates Tesla Semi Deliveries to PepsiCo

Tesla is gearing up to deliver more Tesla Semi trucks to PepsiCo, its main customer, as the electric semi truck prepares for volume production. Despite significant delays in the program since its unveiling in 2017, Tesla is expanding deliveries to other customers such as Walmart and Costco.


The Tesla Semi, initially set for production in 2019 but delayed until late 2022, has been in limited production, primarily used internally and by PepsiCo. Recently, other big players like Martin Brower and Sysco have also been spotted with Tesla Semis. Despite low volume production, Tesla plans to start mass production next year and increase customer deliveries by 2026.

Why does it matter?

As Tesla faces challenges in scaling production, they remain committed to their main customer, PepsiCo, and plan to deliver more trucks to them before expanding to other customers in the future. Dan Priestley, head of the Tesla Semi program, emphasizes the company’s dedication to electric heavy trucking, highlighting the benefits of Tesla’s dedicated electric platform and efficient powertrain design.

Regarding charging infrastructure, Priestley assures the industry of Tesla’s continued investment in charging solutions, including Megachargers for trucking, despite recent organizational changes. Tesla has already deployed Megachargers at PepsiCo’s facilities and intends to further expand its charging network for electric heavy-duty vehicles.

How is it going to shape the future?

The ramping up of Tesla Semi deliveries signifies a step towards widespread adoption of electric heavy-duty trucks in the commercial transportation sector. With a focus on operational efficiency and sustainability, Tesla aims to revolutionize the industry by offering a seamless transition from diesel to electric trucking, showcasing the potential for electric vehicles to replace traditional counterparts in transportation fleets.

Tesla’s ongoing commitment to innovation, despite production delays and internal changes, demonstrates their determination to lead the way in electrifying the heavy-duty trucking market. As more companies like PepsiCo embrace electric transportation solutions, the future of sustainable logistics is gradually taking shape, propelled by advancements in technology and a shift towards cleaner energy alternatives.

Source: https://electrek.co/2024/05/21/tesla-plans-ramp-up-tesla-semi-deliveries-to-pepsico/