Tesla’s Historic Milestone: 3 Millionth Car in Former Toyota Factory


Tesla has hit a major milestone by producing its 3 millionth electric vehicle at the Fremont factory in California, a site that was previously operated by Toyota and GM. The 3 millionth vehicle, a blue 2024 Tesla Model S sedan, was celebrated by employees at the factory, underlining the significance of this achievement. This factory has been integral to Tesla’s growth, employing over 22,000 individuals in the San Francisco Bay area.

Why does it matter?

The production of over 550,000 vehicles in 2023 from the Fremont factory highlights its substantial contribution to the automotive industry, particularly supplying vehicles to the US, Canadian markets, and other global markets. Notably, numerous early adopters of electric vehicles in Australia are still proud owners of cars manufactured at this factory, including models like the Tesla Roadster, Model S, Model X, and Model 3. While Tesla initially delivered vehicles to Australia from this factory, the shift to the Shanghai Gigafactory marked a new chapter in the company’s production and distribution strategy.

How is it going to shape the future?

The recent achievement of building the 3 millionth car serves as a testament to Tesla’s ongoing success and dominance in the electric vehicle market. The transition from Fremont to the Shanghai Gigafactory, and the subsequent rise in Model Y sales surpassing other Toyota models globally, showcases Tesla’s innovative approach and growing market share. Additionally, the celebration of delivering 100,000 EVs in Australia reflects the increasing adoption of sustainable transportation options, positioning Tesla as a leader in the shift towards environmentally friendly vehicles.

Riz Akhtar, the founder of carloop based in Melbourne, brings a unique perspective to the EV industry, focusing on Australian EV data, trends, and insights. With a background in mechanical engineering and a passion for reducing transport emissions, Akhtar’s work aligns with Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. His own choice of driving a red Tesla Model 3 exemplifies his commitment to promoting electric vehicles and sustainability within the automotive sector.

Source: https://thedriven.io/2024/05/19/tesla-builds-its-3-millionth-car-in-factory-once-run-by-toyota/