Revolutionary Acura ZDX Type S Leads Pikes Peak as First Electric Pace Car!

The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is set to break new ground this year as the Acura ZDX Type S makes history by becoming the first all-electric pace car to lead the race up Pikes Peak. This marks a significant shift towards EVs dominating the iconic 12.42-mile climb, known for showcasing top-performing vehicles from various automakers.


Acura, a key player in the automotive industry, has chosen the cutting-edge ZDX Type S to take on the prestigious role of pace car at the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. This decision underscores the growing influence of electric vehicles in motorsports and highlights Acura’s commitment to innovation in the EV space.

Why does it matter?

The shift towards electric pace cars at events like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb signifies a broader industry trend towards sustainable and high-performance electric vehicles. With automakers like Ford and Hyundai also introducing electrified models to the competition, it’s clear that EVs are not only here to stay but are also making significant strides in the world of racing and performance driving.

How is it going to shape the future?

By showcasing the Acura ZDX Type S as the first all-electric pace car at Pikes Peak, this year’s event is paving the way for a future where electric vehicles play a central role in motorsports. As more automakers embrace EV technology and push the boundaries of what electric cars can achieve in terms of speed and performance, we can expect to see a continued rise in the presence of electric vehicles in competitive racing events worldwide.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of sustainability and performance, events like the Pikes Peak Hill Climb serve as a platform for showcasing the latest advancements in electric vehicle technology. With the Acura ZDX Type S leading the charge as the first all-electric pace car, this year’s race promises to be a thrilling display of innovation and excellence in the world of electric racing.