HiPhi Rescued: US Company Saves with $1B Investment

Breaking news in the automotive industry – HiPhi, the struggling electric vehicle company, has been saved by iAuto through a massive 1 billion USD investment. This major rescue operation involves a strategic cooperation agreement between the two companies, aiming to revitalize HiPhi’s production and fulfill existing sales orders.


iAuto’s investment in Human Horizons, the parent company of HiPhi, includes plans for equity restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, technology and research and development, as well as brand and marketing integration. The detailed agreement also covers supply chain optimization and manufacturing enhancements in the automotive sector.

Why does it matter?

This lifeline for HiPhi comes after months of struggle and uncertainty, with production coming to a halt earlier in the year. The collaboration with iAuto not only infuses much-needed funds into the company but also provides access to advanced technology and industry expertise, setting the stage for a comprehensive restructuring plan.

How is it going to shape the future?

While the deal signals hope for HiPhi’s future, questions linger about iAuto’s background and financial capabilities as a relatively mysterious entity with limited online presence. The timing of the agreement amidst escalating US-China tensions in the EV market adds another layer of intrigue, especially considering the lack of English press releases. As the companies work towards finalizing the transaction process, the industry waits to see how this partnership will impact the landscape of electric vehicles.

In a market where innovation and competition are key, HiPhi’s salvation by iAuto introduces a fresh chapter in the evolving narrative of electric vehicles, shedding light on the dynamics of strategic investments and international collaborations in the automotive sector.

Source: https://carnewschina.com/2024/05/17/breaking-news-hiphi-saved-by-us-company/